Cruelty Line
0300 1234 999
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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to report a case of cruelty

You should call the National RSPCA Call Centre on 0300 1234 999. All welfare concerns need to be logged, confidentially before they can be investigated. We do not have Inspectors at the Derby RSPCA and are unable to report your concerns for you.

I have found a sick/injured wild animal

You should take it to the nearest vet as soon as possible. They will take it off you and treat it free of charge.

I have found a sick/injured domestic animal

You should take it to your nearest vet as soon as possible. We do not have a vet at our shelter.

I have found a cat

Due to demand from our Inspectors we struggle to take in healthy cats from members of the public. We have to provide care for the animals most at need, which means welfare concerns and injured animals. If the cat appears healthy, we advise not to feed it which should encourage it to return home. For further advice, please contact the shelter.

I have found a dog

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 (section 68) makes your local authority solely responsible for dealing with stray dogs. The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have useful guidance notes on local authority responsibilities for stray dogs.

To arrange for a stray dog to be collected, please contact your local authority dog warden.

The RSPCA and other animal welfare charities cannot pick up stray dogs or accept them from people who find them. Instead, we direct people to their local authority. We can only deal with a stray dog in an emergency, for example, if it is in imminent danger of death or severe suffering and the police and local authority are unable to attend.

Derby City - 0333 2006981 - 01283 585510
Amber Valley - 01773 570222
Erewash - 08459072244
South Derbyshire - 01283 595795
Burton - 01283 221000