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Provide a loving home for one of our animals.

Provide a loving home for one of our animals.

Animals Happy in Their New Homes!

Have a read of more heart-warming stories from some of the animals who have been in our care

Gus - Adopted February 2019

Gus is only 7 months old but his start in life was not pleasant- he was rescued by an Inspector as he was spending most of his days in a cat carrier, never seeing the outdoors. 

Gus found a new friend this Valentine's Day and has gone to start his new life at the seaside- I don't think happy endings come better than that.



Leah - Adopted February 2019

Leah came in to the Centre pregnant and wasn't getting on with the other dog in the household. 

On the 10th February beautiful Leah found her forever home- look how pleased she looks!


Ralph - Adopted November 2016

rsz_11img_5298.jpgRalph was brought in via inspector as a 5-month old puppy. Unfortunately, he has been severely mistreated by his previous owners and suffered terrible injuries which consisted of a fractured back leg, 3 broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. These injuries were so severe, Ralph lost his back leg. Fortunately, Ralph was able to walk again with the aid of canine hydrotherapy and lots of TLC! His new owners are amazing and have helped him every step of the way with his rehabilitation and in showing him so much love, and he is very much an amazing and simply wonderful little character. Ralph even likes to attend our events and he is always our V.I.D (very important dog!).

Rupert - Adopted October 2017

rsz_img_20170906_153704.jpgRupert was a sweet 4 month old kitten who had been dumped by his previous owners with terrible swelling of his eyes. These injuries usually are an effect of blunt force trauma to the head, which we believe Rupert had suffered at the hands of his owners before being dumped. Luckily, after a few weeks of medication to bring the swelling down, Rupert was able to have his eyes removed to save the immense pressure on his brain and to give him a better life. After his life-saving and life-changing operation, Ruperts personality soon came forward and he was a cheeky chappy! Even without eyes, he was as active, if not more so, than any other cat! He is such a wonderful personality and is now happily settled in a home all of his own, full of love & free of pain!