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Success Stories

We have many success stories at Derby RSPCA.  We often receive letters from people who have adopted one of our animals and are full of joy at how well and happy their pet is in its loving new home.   Some of these stories are shown below. Others can be found in on our Facebook account, in the Success Stories photo album. To find us on Facebook, search RSPCA Derby.

If you have adopted a pet from us and would like to share your story with other people, please send the details along with a photograph (landscape rather than portrait if possible) to and mark it  "For Attention of the Website Editor:Animal Success Story".   If you would not like the story to be shared in our Facebook photo album, please state that in the email.



Moonbeam arrived in our care in late 2013 and was very scared and unsure in her new environment. For the first few days she barely moved from her spot in her kennel front and didn't want anybody approaching her. Through the hard work of staff she began to trust us and then soon began to settle down for cuddles and play.

She caught the eye of her new owners, who live in Cambridgeshire, and they travelled the distance to come and see her. It was love at first sight and they took her home just before Christmas - what a lovely Christmas for her! They have renamed for Roxie and recently let us know how she was doing:

"Many thanks for your call today regarding Roxie, she is doing very well indeed and is extremely happy living with us. 

Please find attached some pictures of Roxie settling in, as you can see she has no problem with other dogs at all and loves to play with our friend's dog (shown) plus all of the dogs at doggy day care, which she attends a couple of times a week. 

She is quite a celebrity in our local pubs where she loves to relax with an ice cube and a chew after long walks - we have some flooding in our local parks at the moment, but she doesn't care at all!

We wish you all the best and thank you massively for letting us give Roxie a new life with us."


Tig - 1999

Tig was adopted from us in 1999 and has spent 14 fabulous years with his owner. Sadly, his owner recently got in touch to let us know that Tig passed away at the grand old age of 16 from an inoperable tumour. Although heart-broken, they are remembering the good times they had with him and have told us what an enjoyable life he had, filled with love. He loved walks in the Peak District, unsurprising given the fact that he was a Border Collie cross. 

More recently he became best of friends with his owner's 2 year old nephew who used to love throwing the ball for him. Tig is a prime example of why we exist - to give second chances to mistreated, abandoned and unwanted animals. He spent the rest of his life being loved and having everything he could possibly need or want. 

Ozzie - January 2013

Ozzie was a fabulous little Staffy cross, who was rehomed from us in 2012 and then, through no fault of his own, had to come back to the Centre. We were heartbroken to see him back as it had taken 6 months to rehome him when he had first come to the Centre. It was so surprising to us that he had so little interest as he was a wonderful little dog - good with people and children, playful and with so much love to give. His only issue was that he was not very good with other dogs!

Thankfully, just after Christmas 2012, a family came in to view him. They had been looking at him on our website for several weeks and when they saw that he was still available after Christmas, they decided it was time to view him. 

It was love at first sight and the clincher was that Ozzie was great with the two children in the family. He was reserved then and there and within a week he was settling into his new home. Now a year on, he is doing better than ever. He is perfect with the children and, surprisingly, gets along well with a dog owned by a relative of the family. We're so pleased he finally got his happy ending!

Lasanya (Cookie) - December 2013

Lasanya was brought into the Centre after being abandoned along with her kittens. She's barely older than a kitten herself and she had no more milk to feed her kittens, so they were hand-reared and Lasanya was put up for adoption. Within just a couple of weeks, she was snapped up!:

"We collected Cookie (aka Lasanya) just before Christmas after visiting the centre a few weeks before to just find out about rehoming a cat.  As soon as we saw her and her unique eyes it was love at first sight.  We were so excited and nervous taking her home and after a few hours settling in on her own she started to explore the house, by the first evening she was curling up on my lap, purring happily and fell fast asleep.  

She followed us to bed on the first night and has been sleeping at my feet every night since. She's very settled, loves her 6 climbing tree/scratching post and has been having fun watching our bearded dragon George. She's such a lovely, friendly cat, who loves being stroked and now acts as an alarm clock every morning, waking us up at 6am for her breakfast with purring and head butts. We're so glad she 'chose us' and after less than 2 weeks she is now very much a member of our family.

Thank you for all your great work and for letting us give Cookie a forever home."

Henry - December 2013

Henry, a huge male cat, was brought into our care via an Inspector. Despite his stunning looks, it was taking him a little while to find his forever home and as did have a bit of 'attitude'! He enjoyed his fuss, but on his own terms. Luckily, the right family for him came by and spotted him straight away:

"The first time my husband and I saw Henry (now named Eric) at the RSPCA we were impressed by the sheer size of him, and his beautiful pale ginger coat. We were told by staff that he had a bit of an attitude, but that never put us off. He's been living with us for just over a week now, his days are filled with sleeping on our bed, playing with his favourite toy (the one he's patiently sat next to in the picture) and investigating - he loves to climb!! He's an adorable boy. We were also told he was a long-term stray, which  does show as he's not too great with human contact, but every now and again he'll come to you for love and fuss. He's settled in quickly and we love having him here. The staff at the shelter were wonderful, and I wouldn't think twice about telling others to adopt an older cat :D" 

Kizzy - 2004

"Thought you may like to hear about our 11 + years old female cross breed who we brought back to her forever home, here in Notts., in June 2004. She was one of a litter of four who were born in one of your foster homes after their Mum was brought into Abbey Street as the owner no longer wanted her when she became pregnant.

She’s been a fantastic addition to our household since her arrival and we just cannot imagine life without her. She’ll be twelve in April and despite arthritis and etc. still enjoys two or three walks a day. She has a fantastic temperament and is a registered P.A.T. dog.

She was known as Napolena when we adopted her (quickly changed and now known as Kizzy) and her litter mates were Candy, Cindy and Patch.

Many thanks to all involved for letting us re-home her. She’s a star!!!"


Louise & Tiger - November 2013

"I adopted Tiger (now Piper) and Louise (now Phoebe) at the beginning of November 2013. They are sisters and had to be adopted together. I fell in love with them immediately and could not understand why someone had not snapped them up during the 4 months at RSCPA Derby. 

They were a little anxious to start with and hid under my sofa but they are now all settled in and playful. Louise (now Phoebe) is making good progress too as she was the 'nervous' one.
They are my first cats and I am so delighted to have them. They are loved dearly by me and all who have visited me.
Many Thanks to all the team and all the work you do."

Bill & Ben - 2013

Early this year, Bill & Ben were brought into our Centre by their owner who was no longer able to care for them. This lovely pair had been together a long time and so we were looking to rehome them together. They were such friendly lads and, after having a bath and a groom, looked fabulous!

They have certainly landed on their feet as after only a few days they were spotted by their new owners and within a week they had been whisked off to their new home - Stancliffe Hall in Derbyshire! They live out their days on acres of land and are thoroughly enjoying life. Take a look at a picture of them featuring a snapshot of their new home. What lucky boys!

Mr Bumble & Pip - 2013

In March 2013 Mr Bumble was brought into the Centre after being taken to a vets. He had been found with very matted fur and ticks so he had to be shaved from just behind his front legs, all the way down to his tail. He was quite miserable in the Centre and was in desperate need of some TLC. He over-groomed and so his fur just wasn't growing back either. Staff and volunteers spent time with him and brought him out of his shell but he still needed a loving home more than anything else. 

One of our volunteers who had spent a lot of time with him decided to take him home and foster him. As soon as he arrived his personality totally changed and he became a loving cat. He immediately fell in love with their spaniel who was quite confused by a cat that liked her! His fur began to grow back and quickly Laura and her mum realised they weren't going to be able to give him up, so they adopted him.

Over the summer Laura thought that perhaps Mr Bumble might want a cat friend for a little while. Her mum agreed - on the proviso that they would only foster this one! We had a litter of semi-feral kittens brought in, who had been with us for a month and were still skittish. Laura and her mum took one of the female kittens home. At first, Mr Bumble was not impressed! And they realised what a fire-cracker they had in Pip! She was very playful and enjoyed jumping on the dog's back. Soon she too became a loving kitten who enjoyed snuggling on the sofa and had truly settled in. Pip fell absolutely in love with Bumble who tolerated her following him everywhere until he gave in and began to accept her. They now cuddle up together, eat together and spend most of their time together. The picture above shows just how close they are.

Of course, they just couldn't split the pair up so they have now adopted Pip as well! Their family is now complete.

Ronald - 2013

Ronald the cat was adopted from us in early 2013 and this is what his new family have to say about him:

'We adopted Ronald early this year and from day one he has been such a loving cat. He settled in well immediately and he is the warmest and most social companion you can imagine. He loves to cuddle and he's charming us and all our friends that come for a visit. He greets us when we come home and he's our personal alarm clock every morning. We're very very happy to have :) :) Thank you!'

Loki - July 2013

Loki came into the Centre via an Inspector after he was abandoned by his owner. He was very underweight and in need of some TLC. He steadily put on weight and blossomed under the care at the Centre. However, despite his calm temperament and his stunning looks he did not seem to be getting much attention. Finally his luck seemed to be in however the home did not turn out to be suitable for him and so he was back to square one.

Finally, the right family walked through the door. With experience of Akitas they were the perfect people for him. He now lives with 5 cats (the two oldest ones love him, the others are still getting used to having a big dog in their house!), gets 4 walks a day and is very content. His new owners told us that they couldn't have wished for a better dog. We're all so happy that Loki finally got his happy ending.

Quincy & Midnight - 2013

Quincy and Midnight came into our care separately but ended up going to their new home together! 

"After sadly putting our dear two dogs to sleep, who were both rescues and had been with me 14 years, the house was empty and sad. I promised my 5 year old son that we would have cats as nothing could replace my boys. 

He wanted a ginger cat that he could call Spidey (Spiderman) and a black cat he could call Battie (Batman) so the hunt was on! I called the Centre on Abbey Street and they confirmed that they had some pairs but not in those colours, even so we made a visit.

I spoke to the staff and asked if any of the single cats could go together. They showed us Midnight, a dinky black cat of 18 months old who had already had a litter and had been at the RSPCA a long time. She was just overlooked, maybe due to her size or age. She was very shy and jumped at any sudden movements.

Then we saw Quincy, a 1 year old grumpy ginger. He growled at me the moment I picked him up, and after telling him he was a grumpy old ginger he stopped! He was so funny - a told off boy! They got along really well and our minds were set. We were just about to go away for a week in our caravan so planned to collect 10 days later. 5 days into our break, me and my boy couldn't wait so we brought the date forward, brought the holiday to an end and spend the rest of our week off as a family of 4 at home.

The picture of Quincy (now Thomas) was two hours on arrival home - he acts as if he has been here for years! Midnight (now Rosie - both names out of Thomas Tank) took some time to settle, but as you can see she loves to sunbathe. At the moment, chasing around the house at 4am and using our beds as hurdles have been fun - ask us this in 6 months time and we may say different! Even so our house has life again in the form of 8 small paws. Little paws but big hearts, and loved soooo much!"

Sandy, Angelica & Sabrina - 2005 and 2013

Sandy was a very nervous little dog when she was with us and she hadn't had a very good start in life. Her family adopted her in 2005 and told us that since then she has come on leaps and bounds. Her favourite things are walks and (perhaps surprisingly) cats! 

Earlier this year the family who adopted Sandy decided to add two cats to their home. They came into the Centre and saw Sabrina and Angelica, who had come in separately. They were both older kittens, around 5 months old. They decided to take them both home and have told us that they are getting on really well together and enjoy cuddling up and washing each other. Angelica is apparently always up to mischief! 

Sooty & Bubbles - 1997 and 2012

Sooty was adopted by his family in 1997 and he's still going strong! He's an old man now but they told us how happy he is. Last year they decided to add Bubbles, the Main Coon cross, to their family. Bubbles had been with us for quite a long time and was really struggling to find a new home. They fell in love with him and took him on - they tell us he's still a real character!


Ron & Rupert (prev. Rod & Stewart) - February 2013

Ron & Rupert, who were known as Rod & Stewart while they were with us, were adopted from us in February 2013. They have settled in well at their new home and their owner has told us how lovely they are. They seem to be very happy, if this picture is any indication!

Bess (previously Cassie)

We received a lovely email early this year, about a dog adopted from us many years ago: "Having read your feature in Derbyshire Life & Countryside Magazine we thought we would like you know that we adopted a gorgeous 12 week old Collie cross puppy called Cassie from you 13 and a half years ago. We changed her name to Bess (Bessie) as we thought it suited her better.

She was the most lovable, cute dog, was obedient right from the start and got on really well with our 6 cats! She was particularly fond of Merlin (a kitten we had at the same time). She gave us so much love, fun and pleasure and we loved her just as much. Bess was well travelled and lived in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Devon (twice!). Sadly, Bess developed diabetes at 12 and shortly after her 13th birthday we had to put her to sleep following failing health caused by the diabetes.

We miss her very much and for now don't feel able to have another dog. We just want to record our thanks for bringing her into our lives. We think you do a wonderful job and wish you the very best for your 140 year celebrations."

Freddie - May 2012

Freddie's new owners sent us this message the day after they had taken him home: "I can't remember when I had a better night than last night at home with my husband Ian and Freddie our new family member. He immediately jumped on our knees alternately and head butted us both...that is some head butt - Freddie is a HUGE pussycat! He slept in our bed last night and jumped on me at one point which was really funny as he is so large he makes quite an impact!! He is so gorgeous and really cute because despite his size he has teeny squeak noise when he approaches, and the quietest purr.

I attach a photo of him being groomed by Ian, which he loved. My 18 year old and 15 year old step-kids have just arrived and been stroking him - he is running from lap to lap trying out, to see who has the best techniques!

Thank you to all at the Centre who have allowed us to adopt our dream cat, we adore him already and will keep him safe and loved from hereon in."

Snaffles (previously Rufus) - June 2012

"I adopted Rufus (renamed Snaffles) off you on the 1st June 2012, and thought I'd let you know how he is doing. At first he had the whole kitchen to run around, within a week he had the whole of the downstairs - which he loves! He loves being around me and my partner, and he loves sniffing feet.

If he wants attention, he will let you know usually by nibbling and scratching at your shoes. He likes to be stroked but isn't so keen on being picked up! Getting him in his cage for bedtime is a nightmare, at 33 weeks pregnant he runs rings around me! Since moving him into the whole house he tends to run like mad from one room to another, kicking his back legs and jumping. He then likes nothing more than to have a rest in front of the TV. His favourite things are eating dandelions, snoozing and being the centre of attention. He is such a character, and just shows you how much love and trust animals can have, even after such awful situations."

Molly (previously Mummy) - July 2012

"Molly's adopters sent us this message earlier in the year: "We adopted Molly, previously Mummy, on July 1st. We came to the RSPCA to adopt a cat as we'd recently had to have our cat Ginger put to sleep after 18 years and we were looking for a cat to fill the gap in our household.

Molly has settled in very well, thinks she rules the roost - will only eat Whiskas!! - but is a lovely addition to the family. She loves to play with her numerous cat toys and is just starting to go out and explore our large garden. We would advise anybody to rehome a cat (or dog) from the RSPCA as they do a wonderful job."


Roy - May 2012

Roy the rabbit was adopted from us earlier this year, and from the looks of it, he has made himself a new friend!

"Roy has settled in impressively and very well! He's a very confident little chap! At first I thought he might be shy. But no. As soon as he arrived he staked his claim on the top/back of the sofa to sit with us and so sweetly rest his paws on my shoulder, where it seems as though he's listening to conversations or watching tv." 


Rapunzel & Cinderella - December 2012

Rapunzel & Cinderella, now Pumpkin & Cinders, are sisters who were adopted from us at the start of December 2012. They were with us for quite some time before they were adopted, and so it's lovely to know that they have settled down with owners who will care for them for the rest of their lives.  

Their new owners have told us how they are getting on: "Pumpkin is the most curious of the two whilst Cinders was a little timid to start with. They have settled in now and have found their voices at dinner times! They like to run up our curtains and watch our indoor fishtank. They have a cosy basket and like to snuggle up together and clean each other. Both now have matching blingy collars! They are lovely personable cats who just needed a warm, loving home. Thank you for letting us have them."

Willow and Mulberry - Adopted June 2012

We recently adopted Mindy and Monica now named Willow (kitten) and Mulberry (mommy) on Saturday, just to let you all know they have settled in really well.  Mulberry has overcome her shyness and loves to be fussed.  So happy we adopted both of them,  Willow has already become very independent and playful.  They have given the family so much enjoyment as they are so cute together which has lead to them being VERY spoilt. Thank you to Andrea, Matt & Karen who made us very welcome and gave us lots of support on our visit, and with the adoption procedure.  All the staff at Derby RSPCA do fantastic work which was visible to see on our visit.
Many thanks again, best wishes to you all, Kate & Mae


Tasha - Adopted 1997

I was just writing to say that in 1997 we rescued a dog (collie x jrt) from you called Tasha, she was six months old at the time. Sadly in February this year her time came to be passed on to rainbow bridge and she is missed dearly. She would be 15 years old this April. She has lived a great life full of laughter and has left us with plenty of stories to tell. 
When we first brought her home (I was five at the time) she was very mischevious. She would always empty the cupboards under the stairs, bury bones in the sofa and would sit patiently on the kitchen counter tops waiting for us to come home. She was also one for running off, especially if two gardens up had bread in the garden for the birds! She was quite the escape artist; she learnt pretty quickly how to open doors both ways. She used to love learning tricks and her signituare one was 'play dead' where she lay frozen to the floor, although her tail would still wag. 

When she was 9 we bought Dil the puppy into the house. We thought we would have to be careful in case he kept pestering her, but in fact it was the other way around! she would be forever biting his feet and wanting to play and they became best buddies. Tasha's mischeif didn't disappear as she grew older, she took great delight in figuring out how to open the stairgate so Dil could run up the stairs to wake everybody up for a walk and breakfast! Even in her last few weeks she still would attempt to play by throwing toys in the air and biting Dil's feet. 

I do miss her cuddles in the morning and her laughing nature, but she had the best life and I am so thankful I got to share it with her. Thank you for letting us have her.