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Meet African soft furs

Meet our amazing African soft furs.

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African soft furs, also known as Multimammate mice, are small rat-like rodents originally from South Africa, with a lifespan of 2-3 years. Like their name suggests, these little floofsters have extra soft fur compared to most other rodents. These little guys are very friendly, inquisitive, and intelligent, and make fantastic pets!

They will need a spacious accommodation, preferably a large tank, where they can have plenty of opportunity for climbing, digging, and running. The larger the cage the better! They need plenty of enrichment, hides, tunnels, and wheels, and climbing frames are their favourite.

They need a variety of food and prefer a higher protein diet than domestic mice and rats. They especially love to snack on meal worms! Unlike regular mice and rats, they do not smell and will often toilet in a corner or pot so they can be easily cleaned out.

African soft furs are social animals so they need to live in family or friend groups. All our African soft furs are already split into harmonious groups, but larger groups can be split down further if desired.

To apply for a group of these fantastic soft furs, please click the "Submit Perfect Match form" button to fill in an application form.

  • Breed


  • Age

    1 year 7 months.

  • Colour

    White and Brown

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