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Meet Drew

Drew is a lovely lop looking for love.

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He is a year old and is searching for a home. He's a sweet lad and will make a great addition to his new home.

Drew's forever home wish list is:
- A female friend to live with
- Plenty of love and attention
- A spacious accommodation with plenty of room to run, binky and explore

Rabbits are active animals and need plenty of space. A pair of average sized rabbits need a minimum area of 3m x 2m x 1m high (10ft x 6.5ft x 3.5ft), comprising a sheltered living area with a permanently attached run, regardless if they live inside or outside.

If you can offer Drew a loving forever home, please click the "Submit Perfect Match form" button to fill in an application form. We will contact you within 2 weeks if you are successful.

  • Breed

    Bunny Rabbit

  • Age

    2 years 4 months.

  • Colour


  • Sex


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