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Bertie beats the odds


Authored on: 25 July 2022

Bertie was just 11 weeks old when he found himself in our care. Suffering from two different medical conditions, Bertie was facing an uncertain future. 

He came to us as a baby with very sore, swollen eyes. He received emergency care and with the use of drops and antibiotics we managed to get his eyes in much better condition. Due to an eyelid deformity, his eyes will never be perfect, but they were no longer causing him pain. 

We also discovered that Bertie was suffering from Pasteurella, a bacterial infection which can cause a wide range of symptoms and is likely to be a life long condition. Pasteurella is contagious to other rabbits, so if Bertie became well enough to be rehomed, we would have to find him a home where he wouldn't be a risk to other rabbits. 

Fast forward a few months, and Bertie was feeling a lot better! Despite facing so many difficulties at such a young age, Bertie was such a loving and patient rabbit, and he was finally ready to start searching for his forever home. 

A few weeks ago, Bertie packed his bags and hopped off to live with a family who can manage his medical needs and give him the very best life. Well done, Bertie!