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Moses' transformation


Authored on: 29 July 2022

Sweet Moses, a Shih Tzu who was rescued by a national RSPCA Inspector from a house on the outskirts of Derby, was found in a very bad state. His fur was soaked in urine and was so badly matted, it took three people over 2 hours to shave it all off. A cocktail stick was also found embedded in his fur, close to his skin. The huge clump of fur that was removed weighed half a kilo (1.1lb).

The Inspector who rescued Moses, Pamela Bird, said “It became clear that Moses had been part of the family for a long time, but his owner was trying to deal with significant health issues and things had become too much for him to cope with. As a result, Moses had not been receiving anything like the quality of care he should have, but his owner did the right thing by signing him over to us so we could get him the treatment he desperately needed.”

After his ordeal, Moses was transferred into our care and he has blossomed into an incredibly loving and playful little dog.

Our Animal Care Manager, Lucy Bell, said “It’s taken Moses a little while to get used to having so little fur, and his skin was hypersensitive where it had been pinched underneath - even gently touching his back would irritate him at first. But now he realises he can finally move around properly without his coat weighing him down, he’s getting happier and happier every day and we all think he’s so handsome.

“He’s having special baths to soothe his skin, which he’s been enjoying, and we’re really beginning to see his playful side come out, despite the fact he’s a little more mature in years. It’s been a team effort to get him to where he is now and we’re so pleased that we’ve been able to help give him this second chance as we think he’s going to make someone a wonderful, loving pet.”

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