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The return to work...


Authored on: 14 July 2020

Have you pets been spoilt with your time during the lockdown? Has the dog in your life been enjoying an extra-long walk? The cat been able to have a few more treats? And the guinea pig or rabbit had more time to stretch their legs in the garden?

As the lockdown is beginning to ease it’s going to be difficult getting back into your regular routine and with a routine ultimately means that your pet will find themselves at home alone which is something they will have in common with the other 9 million dogs and 8 million cats in households across the UK.

We have some handy tips to help you ease your furry pals back into a life of routine:

  • Gradually change the timings of your dog’s routine to the way they will eventually be

  • Give them a routine as close as possible to the one they’ll experience when restrictions are lifted

  • Keep your animal mentally stimulated throughout the day, you could use items such as lick mats, Kongs or chew toys

  • You may also want to think about leaving the house without the dog to help your dog to gradually get used to this part of their routine again

  • You could leave the radio on for the day for some background noise

We may think more about how reverting back to a routine will impact the dogs in our household but the cat(s) in your house will have enjoyed sleeping on top of your warm laptop and of course the quality time. You could however own a cat that will be happy with you going back to work, the ones that want to just sleep all day and are very happy in their own company. Regardless of the type of cat you own each kind will be sensitive to change. To help make sure your cat has some hide out spots to help relieve them of them of any stress, empty boxes are also a great boredom breaker for cats. Try not to pick up your cat to comfort them as this can sometimes distress them further and you could provide a scratch post to help relieve them of boredom throughout the day.

Whatever pet you have it is almost certain they will have enjoyed the extra quality time they have spent with you throughout lockdown just as much as you have enjoyed spending time with them.

We wish you good luck on your return to work and ‘normal’ life and may those animals who enjoy peace and quiet find some alone time again.