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In tough times we pull together!

Thank you

Authored on: 20 March 2020

Our supporters and the team at Abbey Street are simply amazing! With the current global situation and the need for home working and self-isolation we have all pulled together to keep things going and support animals in need.

We are lucky enough to have a really dedicated team at Abbey Street, from the team ensuring administrative tasks are completed, others ensuring our supporters are kept up to date on social media and of course the Animal Care Team providing love, care, enrichment and rehabilitation to the animals in our care.  And then all our shop staff are also doing a fantastic shop keeping our shops open for their local communities.

Despite the impact of this crisis on us as a small charity we continue to take in and care for animals as much as possible, as well as finding them foster placements with our fantastic fosterers or loving permanent homes.  

So we will soldier on!  Team morale and community spirit is amazing! We have had offers from near and far to help with fostering animals, donations of food and so much more.  We will contact people for this practical help as and when we need it – thank you!