Cruelty Line
0300 1234 999

Help us to meet the demands of unforeseen medical attention that animals like Ruby so urgently need.


The Adoption Process


Reserves last for 2 weeks. In this time, all paperwork must be completed to avoid the reserve being taken off.

When reserving an animal, there will be a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. This will be taken at the beginning of the adoption process in the Centre. We are unable to process any reserves and deposits over the phone or via email. All reserves must be done in person.


Adoption Criteria 

When looking to adopt an animal with us, please make sure you meet the required criteria BEFORE placing a reserve on an animal in order to avoid disappointment should you not be suitable. Our team will always be on hand to ask questions to be able to create a profile of you and your family to ensure you are fully prepared for a new addition to your family.

We will require the following information:

  • If you are living in rented accommodation, we will need to see a copy of your tenancy agreement or a permission letter from your landlord BEFORE a reserve can be taken.
  • As an adopter, you may be subjected to a Home Visit before you are allowed to adopt, as evidence of a safe environment and suitability for any animal selected.
  • Any other pets of the same species in the household must be neutered/spayed
  • Any other pets must be able to co-exist with the prospective species/breed to be adopted.
  • All family members (including children) within the household must meet the intended adoption animal before being adopted.

Please note: we are happy to re home dogs into a working household environment, providing provisions are put in place for their care.


Adoption Fees

Dogs from £100
Cats from £95
Rabbits from £50
Birds & Small Animals vary


Adoption fees help us keep the Centre running. It costs roughly £9,500 per week to keep the animals in our care safe, secure, fed and healthy. Please contact our Reception team on 01332 344620 for more information on what is included within the adoption price.