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Abbey Street Pet Shop

At our Abbey Street Animal Centre we have a pet shop, supplying a good variety of cat and dog items. Please come and visit us for our competitively priced products if you need to buy anything for your pet.  Any profit made from the shop comes directly back into the Animal Centre to help local animals.

If you are visiting us, then please feel free to purchase some items from our shop for the animals who are staying with us at the Centre to make their life more enriching until they go to their new forever homes.

If you are adopting an animal from us, please remember that every adopter receives a £20 free voucher to spend in our shop. You can spend this voucher on whatever you wish, whether it be a scratch post and collar, a lead for a dog or putting it towards a crate.

Whether you're adopting an animal from us, or you've already got an animal of your own, we are able to cater for all of their needs - just see below!

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Dog Walking Equipment

Variety of dog leads, including flexileads; harnesses; muzzles; water containers; poo bags; whistles; collars; tags

Training aids

Clickers; canny collars; treats; training leads; crates

Boredom Busters

Cat toys; scratch posts; dog toys; puppy and kitten toys; kongs; treat balls


Travel crate; car harness; cat carriers; small animal carriers


Variety of brushes; shampoos; claw clippers and files; face and ear wipes


Ceramic bowls; plastic bowls; non-slip bowls; food mats; food forks; tins of food (subject to availability)


Plastic beds; cosy beds; blankets; igloo beds; wicker beds

Animal Hygiene

Cat litter; litter trays; poop scoops; litter tray wipes

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