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Corporate Sponsorship & Advertising

Derby & District RSPCA is a local independent charity that is self-funded and receives no additional help from the government or lottery to help us care for and re-home the many unwanted, mistreated, injured or simply lost animals that find themselves at our Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre. The Centre currently costs over £7,000 per week to run and as you will appreciate it takes a tremendous effort to raise this amount of money from charitable contributions, bequests and fundraising.

Poppy's Story

The work of our Branch is essential to allow us to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals like Poppy. Poppy was an emaciated lurcher found dumped at the side of the road, just days away from death. Through the hard work and perseverance of staff, and later her fosterer, she made a miraculous recovery and was eventually adopted by a loving family. Below is a before and after picture of Poppy.

Poppy is one of hundreds of animals we see and treat at the Abbey Street Rehoming Centre. We need your support to help us continue our work. 

                          rsz_poppy2.jpg  rsz_350.jpg

We are a small but significant local charity under a recognisable animal welfare brand which allows our supporters to be a part of a big organisation. There are many ways to get involved and our sponsorship opportunities can be tailored to suit your organisation.

Have a look at why you should support us to see the various options we have. 

Core objectives

Our core objectives are to make a difference to the lives of animals that have suffered from cruelty and neglect. We rehabilitate these often mentally and physically damaged animals so they can then go into loving forever homes.

Our work within the local community

We believe our work and insight into animal welfare and our work with the national RSPCA inspectorate gives us an opportunity to work within the local communities of our district. We can to help educate and to support people in the care of their pets and the treatment of wildlife.

We are working with local councils and housing organisations to educate the local community on our key messages of 'Responsible Pet Ownership' and animal welfare. To support these messages we hold community welfare events. These events give us a superb opportunity to offer low-cost animal welfare treatments, highlight the importance of neutering pets and micro-chipping and advise owners on any problems they may be having with their animals. 

We have also worked with Derby City Council on their Animal Welfare Charter and we will be helping them to achieve their aims.

If this aligns with the ethos of your business, we'd love you to consider how you might be able to support us. Please have a read through the links from this page and contact Georgina Wild if you'd like to discuss options further with her.

How we currently receive funding

We receive funding through donations from members of the public, legacies, our individual Safe Haven scheme and grants.