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Become a Corporate Friend

We know that there are many smaller and local businesses who wish to support our work but who might not be in a position to commit to a high-value, long term partnership.

We regard these local companies as our Corporate Friends. Through their regular support, we continue to be able to rescue,rehabilitate and re-home the thousands of animals who find themselves at our Centre, whilst helping to raise the profile of our brand and create awareness of our Community Animal Action Events (CAAEs) where we help to educate and promote Responsible Pet Ownership.

Our Corporate Friend partnerships come in a variety of forms including:

  • donating an agreed amount or percentage of sales related to a specific product;
  • choosing us as Charity of the Year and raise funds throughout the year;
  • displaying our collection tins at their checkouts, or donating an annual gift, often around Christmas time.
  • donate products or services that can be used by the centre or our charity shops

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Friend, please email Kerry Draper or call the Centre on 01332 344620 between 10am - 4pm.

Benefits of being a Corporate friend

In return for your generosity and support of being a corporate friend we can tailor a package to help promote your business and offer an extended audience of our Facebook and Twitter followers and the 12,000+ people who visit our website each month.