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Cost of living crisis

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Authored on: 25 July 2022

With the cost of living increasing, animal rehoming charities across the UK are seeing more animals being signed over into their care due to financial hardship. Here are two key things to think about if the cost of living is concerning you.

Consider the costs. Before bringing a new animal into your home, make sure you can afford it. Food, toys, monthly flea and worm treatments, yearly check-ups and vaccinations, and insurance payments soon add up.

Preventing problems is cheaper and easier than treating them once they arrive. Always neuter your pet - the one-off cost may seem high, but an unexpected litter or pregnancy/labour complications can cost many hundreds of pounds. Most vets offer monthly payment plans for flea and worming, and yearly plans for check-ups/vaccinations which help to prevent illness and unexpected vet bills. A lifetime insurance plan will ensure that your vet bill is covered if your pet becomes unwell.