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Adoption fees

Adoption Criteria

Adoption Fees


Individually priced, starting from £350


Kittens - single £200 pair £300

Adult cats - £150

Cats aged 12+ years - £100


Single £100 pair £180

Guinea pigs

Males (neutered) - £50

Females - £30

Small animals

Rats/Degus - single £15 pair £25 trio £30

Hamsters/Gerbils/Mice - single £10 pair £15 trio £20


Parakeet - starting at £50

Budgie/Cockatiel - single £30 pair £50

Finch/Canary - single £15 pair £25


What's included in the adoption fee?

Every animal has a full health check by a vet prior to adoption.

Dog, cat, and rabbit adoption fees also include microchipping, neutering, vaccinations and 4 weeks free pet insurance.

Dog and cat adoption fees also include flea & worm treatment, and a starter pack:
- Dog - harness, collar, gnaw bone or toy, and a bag of Burns dry food.
- Cat - scratching post, litter tray and scoop, fluffy mice toy, and a bag of Burns dry food.


Why do we charge an adoption fee?

The adoption fee helps to cover some of the cost of the animal's stay with us. We are a self-funded branch and it costs over £10,000 per week to run our rehoming centre. Without adoption fees, we simply wouldn't be able to help the thousands of animals that find their way into our care.


Please click here for information about the adoption process.

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How it works

There are six easy steps when it comes to adoption, allowing more families and individuals to share their homes and hearts with these amazing creatures.

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Find a pet

It can take weeks and sometimes months to rehabilitate animals. Our staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every animal that comes through our doors will find their 'perfect match'.