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How it works

Our centre is closed for general viewings, but we are still reserving and adopting animals.


Our current adoption process is as follows:

  1. Take a look at our available animals here. Each animal has information about their personality and the type of home they are looking for.

  2. If you think you are a good match for an animal, please click the "Submit Perfect Match form" button on their page to fill in an application form.

  3. We will review your application and contact you within 2 weeks if you are successfully matched with the animal you have applied for. If you haven't heard from us within 2 weeks, unfortunately it means you haven't been successful this time. The wait may be longer if you are on our kitten waiting list - we will contact you as soon as we have a kitten matching your requirements.

  4. Once you have been matched with an animal, we will need to see photos of your home/garden/animal accommodation as we are unable to conduct in-person home visits at the moment. We will also need to see your tenancy agreement or landlords permission if you live in rented accommodation*.

  5. Once these checks have been completed, we will arrange an appointment for you and any other members of your household (including any dogs you have if you are applying for a dog) to come and meet the animal. Please note: some animals may need multiple meets before they are able to go to their new home. We will discuss this with you when we first contact you.

  6. If the meet goes well, we will arrange an appointment for you to come in and complete the adoption paperwork and take your new best friend home.

*If you live in rented accommodation, we will need to see a copy of your tenancy agreement or a letter from your landlord. It needs to state that you are allowed to keep the type of animal you have applied for. We will ask for this when you are matched with an animal and we need this BEFORE a reserve can be placed.

Each animal is carefully assessed and their rehoming requirements are specific to their needs. As long as it is suitable for the animal, we will rehome to families with children, to working households, or to homes with other pets. Our goal is for each of our animals to live a long and happy life in their forever home and their rehoming requirements reflect this.

Adoption fees apply.


What does "Available soon" mean?

The animal is new so we are still getting to know them and the type of home they will be looking for.

What does "Reserved" mean?

We have matched the animal with a suitable adopter and are completing the final checks before the animal is adopted.

What does "On foster" mean? 

The animal has been placed in a temporary foster home to receive one-to-one care, but they are still available for adoption.

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Petplan Insurance

As a rehoming centre we want all our animals to have the best care that they can possibly have once they have left us for their new home.  So with every adoption of a dog, cat or rabbit we issue the adopter a 4 week free Pet Plan Cover for Life policy

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Find a pet

It can take weeks and sometimes months to rehabilitate animals. Our staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every animal that comes through our doors will find their 'perfect match'.