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Adoption criteria

Adoption Criteria


The Centre staff will go through a questionnaire with you to ensure that you and the adoption animal are a match. You will then go on to fill in an application form and a non-refundable deposit will be taken.

Adoption Criteria

When adopting an animal from us, certain criteria is required before a reserve can be placed.

We Require The Following Information

  • If you live in rented accommodation, we will need to see your tenancy agreement or a letter from your Landlord/lady before a reserve can be placed
  • A home visit may be required before the adoption of any animal. This allows to ensure that the new home is a safe, secure and suitable environment
  • Any other pets of the same species within the household must be neutered
  • Any other pets within the household must be able to co-exist with the animal to be adopted. An animal meet should take place where necessary
  • All members of the household (including children) must meet the animal before adoption

Adoption fees help keep the Centre running. It costs over £10,000 per week for us to be able to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the many animals that find their way into our care.

Please contact the Customer Care Team on 01332 344620 for more information on adopting an animal.

Adoption Fees


Prices start from £200


Kittens £150

Adult cats £125

Cats age 10-12 years £80

Cats age 12 years + £50


Rabbits £100

Pairs adopted together

Kittens £225

Cats £200

Rabbits £150

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How it works

There are six easy steps when it comes to adoption, allowing more families and individuals to share their homes and hearts with these amazing creatures.

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Find a pet

It can take weeks and sometimes months to rehabilitate animals. Our staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every animal that comes through our doors will find their 'perfect match'.