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Fundraising Terms and Conditions

We are very grateful that you have chosen to fundraise for RSPCA Derby & District. We are an independent, self-funded charity (No. 222620), and rely on donations and fundraising to keep our rehoming centre open.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before you sign up to fundraise for us.

1. As an independent supporter (as opposed to an employee or paid fundraiser for RSPCA Derby & District) please note that you should refer to your fundraising as being 'in aid of' (and not 'on behalf of') RSPCA Derby & District. This means you do not represent the charity.

2. If you want to create your own marketing materials for your fundraising event (posters, flyers, social media posts etc), you must include our "in aid of" logo which can be obtained by emailing media@rspcaderby.org.uk.

3. In law, you will be a trustee of any funds raised and must ensure that all donations and sponsorship money from your event is paid to RSPCA Derby & District. You must inform potential donors if any amount or percentage of the funds you raise will not be paid to the charity.  

4. All cheques must be made payable to "RSPCA Derby & District".  

5. Donations are not generally refundable, even if the event does not take place.

6. Your fundraising event, activity or challenge is your responsibility (including but not limited to all costs and liability) and RSPCA Derby & District bears no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the event.

7. The event, activity or challenge won’t be covered by RSPCA Derby & District’s insurance programme. You may need to carry out a health & safety risk assessment for your event to ensure that all participants are fully briefed and adequately supervised. Depending on the nature of your event, you may need insurance to cover your liabilities.

8. You understand that if you do something that threatens or damages the name or reputation of RSPCA Derby & District, we will ask you to stop fundraising immediately.  

9. You may need a licence for your activity or event e.g. a licence from the local authority to collect funds on the street, in a public place or by going from house to house; a licence under the Gambling Act for a raffle or lottery; or a licence for the sale of alcohol / entertainment. You are responsible for obtaining a licence if one is required.

10. Depending on the nature of the activities at your event, you may need to account to HMRC in respect of VAT or income tax.  

11. If you are collecting personal information from donors, remember that there are requirements under the Data Protection Act 2018 relating to how you deal with that information.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact media@rspcaderby.org.uk