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An Abbey Street Miracle


Authored on: 29 April 2021

Sometimes small miracles happen that make everything we deal with at the centre - from cruelty and neglect to serious injuries - all worthwhile.

Mighty Joe was all prepped and prepared for his operation to remove his front leg. We had had the chat with him that he would be coming home, we would care for him, love him and nurse him back to health and then find him a loving home. We had prepared his recovery accommodation and his medication. Everything was ready…

Mighty Joe was resigned to the fact that he would be a three-legged cat from that point on.

Then the miracle happened.

The vet carried out an x-ray, which was required before the removal of the leg to determine the place to amputate from, and when Mighty Joe was coming round from the sedation, he began to show signs of feeling discomfort in his leg.

Our vet thought that Mighty Joe had regained some feeling and minor use in his leg and that some of the nerves in this leg were starting to recover. He said that Mighty Joe should not have his leg amputated at that time and that we should try physiotherapy and or hydrotherapy to help Mighty Joe recover more feeling. As a very big boy, if there is any hope that Mighty Joe can keep all four paws then we need to try.

Your generous and amazing donations mean that we can organise therapies for Mighty Joe with immediate effect. Mighty Joe is to receive a month's treatment to monitor any improvement and then a further assessment will be made. At this point the end decision is still uncertain, and his leg may still need to be amputated.

Mighty Joe has gone into a foster home to start his treatment and to have lots of love and care. He is already making himself at home and has worked out where the food cupboard is. He broke into the cupboard to help himself to his biscuits and was found fast asleep, very full and surrounded by cat biscuits.

Please keep checking our social media pages and website for updates on Mighty Joe’s progress.