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Archie update


Authored on: 17 April 2020

We know lots of you have been following Archie’s story and his progress. So we thought we would give you an update on how he is improving.

Archie is gaining weight slowly but steadily and is recovering well from his urethra operation, unfortunately he did experienced a lot of post operation bleeding this has now stopped and he is able to go to the toilet without the pain he was so used to experiencing.

Archie’s tail operation has been a success and although he is left with a small stub he still manages to wag it when happy.  His tail is healing well with only, he did have a slight accident where the wound reopened but due to the swift and calm actions of the Kennel Team Leader all was well and he survived another trip to the Vets. Unfortunately Archie’s eyes are still a cause for concern and continue to look sore; this is being monitored by the Animal Care Team.

In himself Archie is well and has settled in to kennel life well; he is also enjoying the additional attention he receives from the team due to his medical requirements.  He enjoys his baths and responds well to the medicated bathing treatment for his skin.

You may have seen that Archie is now enjoying short walks he loves to sniff and explore at every blade of grass.  Archie loves his toys and is very comfortable with the staff in the exercise yard playing with anything that comes his way.  All in all he is proving a popular member of the Abbey Street residents and responds so well to the love, care and attention that the staff provide to him on a regular basis. He is definitely one of the favourite dogs here at the moment, although of course they are all loved.

The team know Archie will make a loyal companion and brilliant dog for a new owner, all the Animal Care Team want to rehome him if they could. Archie’s favourite member of the team is Hannah and he loves to spend time with her in the exercise yard and in his kennel when having some one on one time.

You can still support Archie and donate to his appeal, just click here