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Be their someone, this Christmas


Authored on: 18 December 2023

Be Their Someone, this Christmas and help dogs like Rolo.

Rolo's story is a heart-breaking one - he came to us after being rescued from a house where he and a number of other dogs were kept in crates in absolutely horrific conditions. The house was filled with urine and faeces, and cramped crates were stacked on top on each other. When Rolo was found, he was soaked with urine, and the fur on his back end was matted with faeces.

Rolo has been in our care since January, undergoing rehabilitation, while his previous owner was taken to court and prosecuted for the appalling neglect the dogs suffered. The case has now concluded and Rolo is finally ready to put his past behind him and look to the future. Despite everything he went through in the first four years of his life, Rolo is an incredibly loving and sweet boy with the people he knows and trusts.

Your kindness can make a world of difference to animals like Rolo who find themselves in our care this Christmas.

Be Their Someone... this Christmas