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Can I still reserve an animal?


Authored on: 04 April 2020

In short the answer is yes, but there are a few things we want to bring to your attention. As follows:

During Lockdown we have been instructed by National RSPCA to cease adoptions, and no further fosterers can be inducted to help with the animals in our care. As you appreciate this means the animals at Abbey Street will be waiting longer than normal to find their forever home. 

We want every animal to find their forever home as soon as we are given permission to reinstate adoptions. In the meantime we have made the decision as a branch that we will take temporary reserves on animals in our care. Once we are able to reopen adoptions, adopters will then have the opportunity to meet their new companion(s).

The process for adopting animals is as follows:

  • Please email animals@rspcaderby.org.uk. Please include the following information on your email; the animal you are interested in and a brief outline of your family and situation.
  • We will reply with a 'Perfect Match' form. 
  • Please complete the form and send to animals@rspcaderby.org.uk. 
  • If the needs and requirements of you and the animal are met then a member of the team will call you to discuss your application.
  • Assuming all goes well with the telephone call, then a provisional reserve will be placed on the animal.
  • A provisional reserve means that we will hold that animal for you until the Centre reopens. 
  • When the Centre reopens you will meet the animal and make your final decision on the adoption.

On some occasions the 'animal meets' do not go to plan, or you could change your mind. The animal may not be as you expected or your circumstances may have changed- please don't worry. We have 1,000s of animals through our door each year- there will be one that is perfect for you. 

Please note we are currently receiving a lot of interest in the animals in our care, which we are very grateful for. We have a lot of emails to work our way through so it may be taking slightly longer to answer your enquiries but please rest assured that we will be in touch if you are suitable for the animal you are interested in.

Please bear with us during this difficult time as we are still caring for lots of animals that have been cruelly treated or neglected and need our help.

Thank you.