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Celebrating 20 years at RSPCA Derby


Authored on: 19 June 2023

Animal Care Assistant Denise has worked at RSPCA Derby for 20 years! We had a chat with her about her career and the many, many animals she has helped over the years.

Q. Why did you want to work with animals?

A. I grew up around animals and had wanted to work with them since I was at school but I didn't know how to get into it as a job. I was walking past RSPCA Derby one day and decided to pop in to ask about volunteering. I started soon after and volunteered for 18 months before a job opportunity came up, so I applied and got the job!

Q. What is your favourite part of the job?

A. Definitely seeing animals going to their new homes, especially when adopters send us updates!

Q. Do you have any highlights or particularly memorable animals from the past 20 years?

A. I've hand reared a lot of animals and they always stick in my mind, especially if I think they might not make it but end up pulling through! Dottie the French Bulldog (pictured below) was born with severe deformities and was very poorly. I hand reared her and there were quite a few times I thought she wouldn't survive but after giving her a lot of supportive care, she made it and I ended up adopting her!

Q. How many animals have you fostered over the years and how many have you ended up adopting?

A. I've lost count! I've fostered hundreds of kittens, puppies, rabbits, baby birds, snakes and lots of small furries! I've adopted quite a few as well. Current permanent members of the family are Heidi, Eddie and Dottie the dogs, Elvis and Sassy the cats, Sam the crow, some snakes and a tortoise, but I've adopted a lot more over the years.


Our Branch Manager, Penny Lockwood said "Denise is a shining example of dedication to animal welfare both at home and at work.  As a loyal, wonderful employee at RSPCA Derby for the last 20 years, she is a real asset to the team and we are so lucky to have her."

Lucy Bell, Animal Care Manager, said "We are so lucky to have Denise on our team. Not only is she a lovely person, but she is also incredibly knowledgeable about animals and their needs. There isn't much Denise hasn't come across in her 20 years working with us - from hand rearing to hedgehogs, Denise has it covered!"

Congratulations on this incredible milestone, Denise, and thank you for always giving our animals the very best love and care!