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Chaddesden Donation Hub


Authored on: 04 July 2020

We are pleased to let our supporters know that as of Saturday 4th July the Chaddesden Charity Shop will be OPEN as a Donation Hub ONLY.

Please read through the following information:

Opening times

Thursday, Friday and Saturday


Please put any donated items into bags or boxes. If you have a gift aid number please add it to the boxes/bags too. 

Donation point

The donation point will be outside of the shop. Please note no one will be permitted to enter the shop. Please knock on the door if a member of staff is not immediately visible.  

Large or bulky items

If you are wishing to donate a large item please make sure to call ahead to make arrangements- 01332 665245.

Limited space

Please be aware we do have limited space, so please bear this in mind when donating. Are you able to keep hold of items until after the initial rush?

Donation of items for the Centre

The Chaddesden charity shop will happily accept these items, Please make sure items are in boxes or bags where appropriate to help with transportation to Abbey Street.



495 Nottingham Road, Chaddesden, Derby,

DE21 6NA

Parking available

Thank you for your continued support.