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Help for Archie


Authored on: 06 April 2020

Archie recently arrived at Abbey Street through an RSPCA Inspector. On arrival Archie was in a very bad way- firstly he was very underweight. A report on Archie was provided by the Inspector which detailed how he had been taken in by an elderly relative of the family that had left him, a promise was made to the relative that they would return- they never did. Although the elderly relative tried to do his best Archie was kept in an outside crate for six months.

Our Animal Care Team ensured Archie was seen immediately by a veterinary surgeon due to the obvious pain he was in and the vets confirmed that not only was Archie was underweight he had a long list of other ailments that needed attention.

The majority of Archie’s health issues had been brought on due to poor care, some of the issues were a very sore mouth and bottom lip- probably caused by Archie continually trying to bite at his crate and being left outside in all seasons. He also had very worn teeth which could be result of him gnawing at his crate.

In addition to the previously mentioned health ailments it was also discovered that Archie had a urethral prolapse which can be brought on due to an untreated infection and is usually very painful. In order to make Archie comfortable he had an emergency operation to correct the prolapse, costing the Centre in the region of £300. As well as the operation Archie is now on prescribed medication to assist with any pain post operation, a skin condition, eye infection and to manage the sores on his lips and mouth. Archie has also been neutered and microchipped, additionally his flea and worm treatments are now up to date.

Due to his time in the crate Archie has an extensive tail injury, which he most likely inflicted upon himself. The result of this devastating injury will no doubt be amputation of some (or most) of Archie’s tail. A decision on his tail will be made at a later date when Archie has recovered from his prolapse operation.

Archie has received much needed, nutritious meals to provide him with the energy to keep fighting; and a safe and secure environment to recover in. After his frightening ordeal the love, care and affection of our team provide the most comfort for Archie, he’s still such a trusting dog.

The overall cost of Archie’s care is likely to be in the region of £1,000 when he finally leaves our care for a safe and loving home. Can you help us cover the cost?

We rely entirely on the support and generosity of people like you, to help animals like Archie. It costs £10,000 per week to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the many animals that require our help to find new loving homes. Our vet fees on a yearly basis cost in the region of £60,000- and we will continue to treat animals just like Archie for as long as we are needed.

Please support our life saving work by making a donation today. We don’t have to tell you that every penny that we raise will support Archie and the 1,000s of animals that come through our doors just like Archie.

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