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Help for Misty


Authored on: 29 May 2021

We are sorry to have launch another appeal but we have had unexpected, emergency vet bills to pay for Misty, an elderly stray that recently arrived at Abbey Street.  

 Misty initially needed her matted coat clipping but seemed to be a little gem, good natured and very happy to meet everyone.  However, after only spending one night with us here at Abbey Street, we noticed on the morning inspection that the right side of her face had swelled up considerably and was causing Misty some discomfort. We booked her an appointment at the vets immediately and off we went for a consultation. 

The Vet saw that Misty had a very bad abscess on one of her teeth and this was causing the pain and swelling. Misty needed an immediate dental to remove the infected tooth and then strong antibiotics to stop any further infection from developing. All seemed fine and it was evident that Misty felt better and was enjoying her food back at the Centre. 

Then the Animal Care Team noticed that Misty was having difficulty when trying to urinate. She was struggling to pass any urine and again seemed in discomfort.  Another appointment was made at the vets and after the initial consultation it was suspected that Misty had bladder stones. Again, immediate treatment was required and poor Misty went under anaesthetic again. Misty had an X-ray and this confirmed what the Vet suspected, bladder stones. Unfortunately, the X-ray also showed a small tumour in her bladder.  An urgent plan was made as we didn’t want Misty to endure any further discomfort.  

Misty had an extremely large amount of bladder stones removed.  None of us could believe what was found – poor Misty must have been in so much pain. She also had the tumour removed which was sent away with the bladder stones for testing and a definite diagnosis. 

The bladder stone test results have recently been returned to us and have confirmed a positive bladder stone formation condition which will require a special diet to help prevent further formation of new stones.  We are still waiting for the biopsy results for the tumour that was removed, but we have all our fingers and toes crossed hoping that it is not cancerous.  

Misty is recovering well from her major operation and is proving to be a treasure.   She is turning out to be a very strong-willed little dog with a determination to love life and to make the best of every day.  She is loving, happy and has a fun side to her nature. She enjoys human company and is a pleasure to care for.  We hope that this little dog has a lot longer left so she can enjoy some much needed home comforts and show off her waggy tail.  

In total Misty’s vet visits, antibiotics, dental care, pre-operative care, operations, biopsies and special diet has cost the Centre close to £1,000.   

We rely entirely on the support and generosity of people like you, to help animals like Misty. It costs £10,000 per week to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the many animals that require our help to find new loving homes. Our vet fees on a yearly basis cost in the region of £60,000 and we will continue to treat animals just like Misty for as long as we are needed.  

Please support our life saving work by making a donation today. We don't have to tell you that every penny that we raise will support Misty and the 1,000s of animals that come through our doors just like her. 

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