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I have a cunning plan that cannot fail!

Tony Robinson

Authored on: 21 March 2020

I have a cunning plan that cannot fail! So much has been going on behind the scenes at Abbey Street over the last few days - cunning plans coming together indeed!

In the midst of all the global chaos we had the pleasure of rehoming Holly Berry to Sir Tony Robinson and his wife Louise! Tony and Louise travelled the long distance from their home to meet Holly Berry and immediately succumbed to her charms. Our Branch Manager Penny was on hand to bid farewell to Holly Berry as she started her new life, only breaking social distance for a quick photo of course!

Penny had this to say "Tony's phone call to the Centre came as a complete surprise. As Holly Berry has a lot of health problems we were thrilled to know she will want for nothing in her new home. We are so pleased that Tony and Louise value the importance of adopting animals from rehoming centres such as Abbey Street. We can rest assured that Holly Berry will have a comfortable life."