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Let's make black cats lucky!

black cats

Authored on: 11 March 2020

Black cats have a stunning sleek coat, with sparkly eyes. So why do they continually get overlooked in rehoming centres?

Black cats are traditionally seen as being bad luck but at Abbey Street we believe they bring good luck so we are on a mission to rehome our black cats!

Roughly half of the cats that arrive at Abbey Street are black, with some expecting a litter of kittens on arrival which then results in black kittens which although can have brilliant personalities are overlooked by potential adopters.  A plus side of black cats taking longer to rehome is that they have more one-to-one interaction with the Animal Care Team which then makes them a perfect family pet.

Regardless of colour, age or breed at Abbey Street we think all cats are beautiful, each with their own unique character traits.  Do you have space in your home and heart for a black cat? Forget the superstitions and fall in love with a personality.