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What is a 'Provisional Reserve'?

Temp reserve

Authored on: 10 April 2020

Please read as follows some additional information regarding a ‘provisional reserve’ on animal whilst we are currently closed due to the lockdown.

A provisional reserve which is dependant of the restarting of the adoption process and pending the completion of reservation forms on the day of adoption.  Once all forms have been completed and matched with your Perfect Match form then you will meet with your chosen animal.  At any point during this process we, as the Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre, have the right to refuse an adoption if we think that the animals’ needs and requirements are not going to be met.

Some of the animals that are placed on temporary reserve will require medical treatments such as neutering, dentals and sign off by our Veterinarian before being allowed home so please bear this in mind as some of the animals will not be able to go home straight away when restrictions are lifted.

Thank you for considering adopting a rescue animal from the Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre.