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Authored on: 01 October 2020

At Abbey Street we believe that every animal deserves a chance even those that require considerable vet treatment or one on one rehabilitation. As with many charities, funds are limited and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic, however we want to ensure our animals are comfortable and can live a pain free life.

We currently have a number if animals that require our help, support and access to veterinary care. These include ailments such as skin allergies, treatment for an abscess, neurological treatment and dental treatment. Many of the animals that are brought into us by Inspectors are in a sorry state and need immediate vet care and ongoing treatment. 

We rely entirely on the support and generosity of people like you to help the animals staying at Abbey Street. Our vet fees on a yearly basis cost in the region of £60,000, approximately £5,000 every month! 

We will continue to treat animals that need our support for as long as we are needed. Please support our life saving work by making a donation today. We don't have to tell you that every penny that we raise will support the many animals that come through our doors. 

Please visit our campaign page here.

Thank you