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Help for Mighty Joe

Mighty Joe

Authored on: 21 April 2021

Sadly, Joe recently arrived at Abbey Street via an RSPCA Inspector as a stray, due to his noticeable size and statue (he weighs a mighty 6.8kg) he was named Mighty Joe after the infamous Gorilla. Mighty Joe arrived, requiring immediate veterinarian assessment and treatment to determine the extent of an existing leg injury; it was evident that Mighty Joe was in some discomfort. After being examined by the veterinary team the results showed that Mighty Joe had previously dislocated his shoulder and, as this injury had gone untreated, the blood supply had reduced. Unfortunately, as a result, the muscle had wasted away making his front leg paralysed. Poor Mighty Joe also looked in a sorry state having spent so much time alone on the streets having to fend for himself.

To help Mighty Joe be more comfortable he requires an operation to remove his front leg. In total Mighty Joe's diagnosis, pre-operative care, operations and aftercare will cost the Centre in the region of £500.00 which is a huge amount for us to find.

The Animal Care Team are doing everything they can to make Joe more comfortable in the short term, however he is in desperate need of an amputation as he is currently dragging his leg around whenever he moves, which of course is not ideal and is causing Mighty Joe a lot of discomfort as it is resulting in him grazing his paw.

We rely entirely on the support and generosity of people like you, to help animals like Mighty Joe. It costs £10,000 per week to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the many animals that require our help to find new loving homes. Our vet fees on a yearly basis cost in the region of £60,000 and we will continue to treat animals just like Mighty Joe for as long as we are needed.

Please support our life saving work by making a donation today. We don't have to tell you that every penny that we raise will support Mighty Joe and the 1,000s of animals that come through our doors just like Mighty Joe.

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