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Rehome your pet


We understand that making the decision to rehome your beloved pet is never an easy one. There are many different reasons you can no longer keep your animal with you and need to seek the help of a rehoming centre such as Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre. 

Here at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre we offer help and advice for anyone thinking about rehoming their pet. 

You can come into the Centre or call us and speak our understanding Customer Care Team who will be able to help you with your decision. 

Our Centre takes in over 1,000 animals each year and we realise that no two cases are the same. 

Never feel worried or ashamed about calling our team, we only want what is best for both you and your pet.


Our Centre works off a waiting list system which means when you contact us we will take a few details off you and will call you back once there is a space available on site to take your pet in. 

What questions will you ask me?

We will ask you some basic questions about your pets health and behaviour and the reason you are having to part from each other.

How long will I have to wait?

We cannot give you an exact time scale but will be in touch at regular intervals to let you know where you are on the list.

What will happen when I come to the centre to sign over my pet?

We will take you into a private room to talk to you about your pet’s history, its likes and dislikes and we will help you to complete the sign over paperwork and talk through the rehoming process.

Dogs will have a basic touch and a dog meet and greet test to ensure they are safe to handle and happy to live in a kennel environment.

All cats and dogs will be checked for a microchip on arrival please be advised we will only except animals off the registered owner.


Will my pet be put to sleep if you can’t find it a home?

Here at Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre we believe there is a home for every animal and will continue to search for that home for as long as it takes. We never put an animal to sleep because of its age, breed or length of stay at the Centre. 

Can I come and visit my pet once I have signed it over?

Once you have signed your animal into RSPCA care we ask that you do not visit it at the Centre as this can cause stress and upset to both you and your pet. 


We are happy to speak to you on the phone to let you know of your animals progress and to reassure you they have settled.

Please be aware some animals will not be advertised on our website so do not worry if your pet is not featured.

Most pets are in our care for a very short amount of time. During their stay with us they receive a timely vet check, any medical treatment needed including vaccinations and neutering, as well as ensuring they receive plenty of love and care before they leave us for their forever home.

For further help or advice please phone the Centre on 01332 344620.

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Make a donation

Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre relies solely on the generosity of the local community (and beyond) in order to continue to support local animals.

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Neutering can help prevent illnesses, roaming, fights between males, unwanted pregnancies and some unwanted and undesirable behaviour.