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Neutering can help prevent illnesses, roaming, fights between males, unwanted pregnancies and some unwanted and undesirable behaviour.

Don’t be caught out – Animals will breed with their siblings, parents, and friends. Just because they are related does not mean they will not mate. 

We are always inundated with many pregnant mums, unwanted litters and orphaned animals.

Neutering is a quick routine procedure with low risk; animals are back up on their feet within a day and usually back to their lively selves within a week. 

The risk of leaving your pet unneutered could be high, often resulting in life threatening illnesses and conditions. 


Please neuter and help us to break the cycle!

In a life-time one cat can give birth to at least 100 kittens. You can imagine how quickly the situation can escalate if all of her kittens survive and go on to produce the same number of kittens each. This is why it is essential that cats, both female and male, are neutered.

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Make a donation

We are a self-funded charity, so we rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to raise the £10,000+ per week it costs to run our centre and help local animals in need.

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Many animals get lost or are stolen every year so microchipping is the answer to ensuring your lost pet can find its way back home.