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Lost pets

Lost pets

If you are here because you have lost a pet, please do not despair, many pets go missing and are reunited quickly. 

Remember you can call us any time and we will be happy to offer any assistance and advice we can.

Step 1

Call your microchip provider and ensure your details are up to date and flag your pet as missing.

If your animal is not micro-chipped once reunited please call us and make an appointment - it only costs £10 to save all the worry again in the future. Please see our Pet Services page for more information.

Step 2

We now use www.petslocated.com to register stray animals that are brought into the Animal Centre.  The service is free to use if you wish to place a found animal, however there is a small charge if you wish to advertise your missing pet.

Derby City Dog Wardens – Crow Foot Kennels

Tel: 01283 585510 

Tel: 07928 014873 

Tel: 07568 359140

Lost pets

Step 3 (Dogs)

The local Dog Warden has responsibility for stray dogs. We are legally obliged to hand over to the Dog Warden any stray dog which is brought into our Centre. Please contact them if you find a dog. 

If you have lost your dog, please see to the right-hand side all the local Dog Warden numbers to help reunite you with your pet as soon as possible. 

Step 4 

Contact your local Vets and rescue centres to see if they have had your pet handed in or if they can take a lost report for you. Don’t forget to send us a photo of your pet so we can also keep our eyes and ears open for you. You can do this via email animals@rspcaderby.org.uk or via our Facebook page.

Burton Dog Wardens 

Tel: 01283 211000

Erewash Dog Wardens 

Tel: 08459 072244

Lost pets

Step 5 

Ask around your neighbourhood, it is not uncommon for cats in particular to let themselves onto someone else’s property and get trapped in sheds and garages. 

Put up posters in your surrounding area you can display them in shops, libraries and on notice boards.

Step 6

There are many lost and found pages online register with as many as you can. 

Don’t give up hope!

South Derbyshire Dog Wardens 

Tel: 01283 595795

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Make a donation

Abbey Street Animal Rehoming Centre relies solely on the generosity of the local community (and beyond) in order to continue to support local animals.

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Many animals get lost or are stolen every year so microchipping is the answer to ensuring your lost pet can find its way back home.